I won’t be happy until female characters stop getting treated like shit by fandoms when all males are loved, even those who do really shitty things bye


if you think i wont go and reblog the original source to get your shitty comment off then you are dead wrong


"How Can I Tell This Customer To Fuck Off Without Getting Fired" - an anthology by retail workers worldwide


i’m too busy shipping my otp to care about my own love life

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“youre always on your computer” well ur always on my nerves

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That awkward moment when you ran up the stairs and now you’re trying to hide your heavy breathing like it’s no big deal but you’re actually pretty winded and dear god you need to work out.


Its hard to be confident when you know you’re ugly

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i fuckin hate the type of person who enters a room when a show is on and starts talking. what the fuck is wrong with you. who the fuck raised you. are you an animal. get out of my house


do your old fandoms ever just come back to you, and you remember how much you love one character, and your just like “I forgot about you for a while but I’m back and I love you too my beautiful baby.”

“how many blacklisted tags will it take to get this pairing off my dash forever”, the blog