Counsel tells you that I am a woman. I wonder that the planets did not stand still in their courses and rivers cease to run to the sea at the announcement of this startling discovery. I am amazed that His Honor did not faint upon the bench and that you gentlemen of the jury have survived this awful shock to your nervous systems…

Again he tells you that I am a woman. By a natural antithesis I presume he would have you infer that he is not. I suppose he wants me to tell you that he is a man and he takes this hurried opportunity and adroit method of testifying to the fact. Though nobody yet has denied it, he seems to be in a fever of anxiety to emphasize that he is a man…

I am that formidable and terrifying object known as a woman—while he is only a poor, helpless, defenseless man, and he wants you to take pity on him and give him a verdict in this case.

—Clara Shortridge Foltz, California’s first female attorney, throwing some serious shade on opposing counsel during closing arguments in 1890. (via valjeaned)

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This is a Scottish anti-rape PSA that is a direct response to blaming a rape victim for dressing like a slut. What do you think? Is it effective?

ummmmm YES.

we need PSA’s like this in the U.S. asap. this video gets to the point of what rape culture is and is very serious about it.


Wow, absolutely. This was amazing, and it was only thirty seconds.

this is fantastic

This!! Show this in the states! 

Fucking brilliant

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whenever i see posts like this i makeup backstories for the slutty girls


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How do you overcome when a friend stops being a friend to you?

QUESTION: how long did it take Amy Poehler to apply her wig in the recent episode of CBB on IFC? 
SCOTT AUKERMANI think it took Amy about seven hours in the makeup chair – applying the wig, applying the blue bodypaint, taking OFF the blue bodypaint, then realizing the wig was on backwards… but that was her commitment to the Amy Poehler character! 
QUESTION: Why was Amy Poehler wearing a wig?
SCOTT AUKERMAN: Amy got to the studio, saw the wig (which we were using for a different sketch – one where Neil Campbell was playing God), and asked if she could wear it on the show. Being the type of guy who knows never to say no to a funny person, I of course said yes! I think it adds a level of weirdness to her interview that we both really liked. (x)