R.I.P. Sweet Beard.😿

Really, though, he couldn’t have got another job as a post-Apocalyptic hillbilly or something and kept it?

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My Old Kentucky Home, Mad Men
Mad Men + Throwing 
One never knows how loyalty is born.


Mad Men Challenge
[8/10] Episodes:
"The Other Woman" S05E011

"At last.  Something beautiful you can truly own."

Mad Men + Drunk (1/2)


if you watch this scene without sound it kinda looks like megan is just being a jerk and not sharing her orange sherbet with a very jealous don


Joan Harris - Episodes # 1

"[Joan] has no problem with marrying someone she feels raped her because she wants to climb the social ladder and be a “doctor’s wife.”

Wisdom from some irrelevant Joan hater on the TWoP spin-off board (why I’m visiting that place, I have no idea).

If what Dr. Rapist did to Joan isn’t rape in this idiot’s mind, I don’t want to know what exactly they define as rape. 

Reminds me of that person on ONTD who once said Joanie was “asking for it” because of all the tight dresses she wears.