"My relationship with Maggie Smith; well, she got me the job at Potter, practically. So for anyone who doesn’t know that story, I basically owe everything to Maggie Smith, because I worked with her on David Copperfield and then she came on to Potter as McGonagall and said to the director: "You need to audition this boy." So I kind of owe her everything, so to Maggie I just say my fairy grandmother." - Daniel Radcliffe


Daniel Radcliffe walking 12 dogs while smoking a cigarette

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"Friendzoning is a terrible thing. The idea of a friend zone is like a terrible, male…have you ever heard a girl say she’s in the friend zone? It’s a thing I think men need to be really careful about using. When they were kicking around titles for What If, before What If was chosen, I think that came up, and I was like, ‘No! Don’t do that!’ Do I think men and women can be friends? Yes, absolutely. Do I think men and women who are sexually attracted to each other can just be friends? Eh, it will probably become an issue at some point whether you deal with it, and talk about it and just move on, but it will always sort of get dealt with eventually…I definitely think the idea of friend zone is just men going, ‘This woman won’t have sex with me.’"
Daniel Radcliffe, getting it (via falulatonks)


« I went and saw a lot of theater growing up so I think it’s just, it was always in my head. Part of being an actor is doing theater or… To me I learn about myself as an actor every time I go on the stage and I hope that every performance teaches me something. To me it’s been a place that I’ve learned and got better and I think it’s been the making of me really. »

Daniel Radcliffe at the Tony Awards, May 2014. (x)


TCR | 2013.10.01

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Daniel Radcliffe by Matthew Lyn for Sharp Magazine

trcunning: see he looks like dracula to me i don’t imagine dracula as a tall skinny blonde he’d be shorter people were shorter in his day dark with heavy brows quiet and studious a reader massive massive library the three sisters would be spinsters he picked for their lovel like the austen sisters but ageless and blood thirsty 

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Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe reunite at What’sOnStage Awards at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London on February, 23.


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